How important is Landlords Protection Insurance?



It is often changes to tenant’s circumstances that leave them unable to pay the rent which can result in a substantial financial loss if you are not covered.

We are asking all Landlords to ensure that they have a Landlords Insurance Policy which will protect them against the unforeseen.

Recently while completing a claim for an owner, I had to break the bad news that their policy has a huge excess and that the claim that I was lodging for a loss of over $600, would result in a refund of less than $150.

If you have an Insurance Policy please check that you are covered for Rent Loss, Malicious Damage or Theft by tenants or their guests, and that your claim won’t result in a large excess.

If you do not have a Landlords Insurance Policy, we strongly recommend taking out a policy to protect you from the unexpected.

Our office can organise a Landlords Insurance Policy for you though Terri Scheer Insurance who specialise solely in Landlords’ insurance.


Terri Scheer has specifically designed a policy for Landlords which provide comprehensive cover for your property. The yearly premium is $328.


We have also attached a copy of the Terri Scheer Fact Sheet and Application Form for your reference.


Terri Scheer Landlords Protection will cover you for the following:

  • Tenant related malicious damage, accidental damage and deliberate damage to building and contents
  • Tenants related loss of rent (with no excess)
  • Re-letting expenses greater than the bond
  • Legal Liability
  • Pet Damage
  • Cover for a fixed term and periodic leases
  • Theft, fire, explosion, electric motor burnout, lightning
  • Damage from scorching


Terri Scheer will also cover you upon the death of a tenant (under a sole tenancy) of up to 15 weeks rent.


Please contact the office if you wish to proceed with a Terri Scheer policy for $328 per year and we will apply for the cover on your behalf.

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