THE NEW TYPE OF TENANT – Smart & Educated


Managing an investment property has greatly changed over the years.


In the ‘70s and ‘80s it was a simple process of collecting the rent and being nice to the tenant.


In the ‘90s changes to legislation and client expectations demanded a more professional service. Now, in 2017, it is serious business!


You have made a great choice in engaging a professional property management company to manage your property.

You don’t need to worry about the complex issues of managing the tenant and property, and you can be confident that our focus is to work towards maximising your income and optimising capital growth.


As your managing agent, it is important to us in the process of representing you that we have a clear understanding of legislation requirements and more importantly, that we apply the law.


At times, we receive instructions from landlords asking that we follow through on certain requests that contract outside of the Act. Requests relating to accessing the property, increasing the rent, terminating leases, bond increases and increased notice periods, to name a few.


As mentioned, property management has changed over the past 30 years and so have the tenants.  Tenants are a lot smarter when it comes to understanding their rights and obligations.  They have access to more information as well as consumer advice services.  If we don’t act in accordance with the law, there are serious fines that can be imposed on us as an agent and you as a landlord.


When we are discussing the required action that needs to be taken during the management of a property, please be mindful and understand that our advice is based on the law.

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