Routine Inspections: A Vital Service in Reducing Risk

Routine Inspections: A Vital Service in Reducing Risk

Routine inspections are an important part of our management service that we take very seriously.

When we carry out an inspection we are not just ensuring that the tenant is keeping the property clean and tidy – but our focus is to ensure that the property is presented in a safe condition for the tenant to reside. We are also providing our landlords with feedback on improvements, renovations and repairs that may be required as preventative maintenance to reduce costs, while ensuring that we are optimising capital growth so the property appreciates in value rather than depreciates from a lack of upkeep and care.

As a landlord it is important to be aware that we are not professionally qualified inspectors. The process that our property management team undertakes is a ‘visual’ inspection only.

We also understand that many landlords are not in a financial position to spend thousands of dollars on their investment property without notice.

When reporting on an inspection we will provide you with feedback allowing you adequate time (if required) to update, renovate or improve the property, such as floor or window covering replacement or painting the property. We will generally state that the carpets are becoming worn and that you will need to budget to replace the carpets within the next 12 months.

As a landlord, when you receive our routine inspection report please take the time to carefully read the comments that have been outlined. If there are repairs or maintenance required it is important to promptly take action.

If you have any queries regarding our inspection process, please feel welcome to contact our office.


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