Are your Water Bills Higher than Normal?

Queensland Urban Utilities supplies water to homes and businesses. Water charges are billed quarterly for residential customers and are based on readings taken from a property’s water meter. Queensland Urban Utilities encourage residents to locate and check the meter from time to time.

Each water meter contains black and red numbers. Black numbers refer to the Kilolitre’s or waster used and red numbers refer to the Litres of water used.

How to use your water meter to test for a Water Leak?

Identifying and notifying your Property Manager of leaks in the home will save water and help reduce your water bill.

Firstly, check for any obvious leak is from Toilets, Taps or Showers that need to be fixed.

Then you can do this simple test to find out if there are any hidden leaks on your property.

1. Turn off all Taps and take a reading from your water meter.
2. Don’t use any water for at least one hour
3. Take another reading from your water meter.
4. If there has been a significant change in the numbers on your water meter you may have a leaking pipe, in which case, you need to notify your Property Manager immediately.

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